National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting
The NICEIC are a governing body that continually assess the technical competence of niceic-logo (1)contractors. The aim of the NICEIC is to protect people from having unsafe electrical installation work carried out in their homes and businesses. To combat unlawful installation work being carried out a register of Electrical Contractors is maintained by the NICEIC. These contractors comply with various standards, codes of practice and scheme rules. Benefits for you the customer! TWK Electrical are a competent electrical contractor and conscientious about the services they offer their customers. This is why being a member of the NICEIC is of priority. But what are the benefits for you employing us over a non registered company?

The main benefits are:

· Safety and competence – T W K Electrical LTD are assessed on a regular basis ensuring they meet relevant technical and safety standards.

· Compliance with building regulations – TWK Electrical LTD are registered to NICEIC Building Regulations Scheme. This enables us to self certify our work without hindrance from local authority Building Control. This will save you time and money when undertaking work that requires notification under the Building Regulations.

· Insurance Backed Warranty – The NICEIC Insurance Backed Warranty covers work being undertaken by TWK Electrical LTD who are currently registered on the Domestic Installer Scheme that is notifiable to Building Control. The purpose of the warranty is to protect consumers should any work be found not to comply with the building regulations under circumstances where the contractor is no longer in business to undertake the necessary remedial work. The financial limit placed on the remedial work is £25,000 in respect of any one installation per period of insurance and the warranty is valid for a period of six years from the date of completion of the original work.

· Independent Complaints Procedure – TWK Electrical LTD operate a complaints procedure in conjunction with the NICEIC governing the standards of electrical installation. If the electrical work of a registered contractor is found to be below the accepted technical standard, NICEIC will require the contractor to correct the work at no extra cost to the customer.

Guarantee of Standards Scheme – The NICEIC expect its registered contractors to provide a quality service to their customers and, therefore, endeavour to resolve all complaints about the technical standard of their electrical work. A formal complaint can be made to the NICEIC if TWK Electrical LTD do not resolve any issues regarding deficiency in technical standard.

TWK Electrical LTD endeavour to maintain a friendly, workable and lasting relationship with their clients.

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